Butterfly Launches from Spar Pole.

Dr. Robert Michael Pyle and Krist Novoselić with Ray Prestegard.

Inspired by a mash-up of Walt Whitman and John Fahey that Novoselić had put together for a radio show, he and Pyle decided to compose a guitar song and poem to perform together for their local Grange, where they are both members. This was in 2010. They continued with song after song, and Ray Prestegard joined them a few years later. Their music and lyrics come right from the woods and waters of the Willapa Hills, where they all live, and the wider natural world and its plants and creatures. Their songs grow out of a deep shared concern for the future of the place we all share with slugs and sea lions, swallows and salmon, whether lepidopterist or logger.

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(November 24, 2020)

Here is our video for "Man Turns Into Cloud"


The Dark Divide: Behind The Scenes with Bob Pyle


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